Token Economy

The moment when the CHICA Token Economy is established and realized is when the CHICA Reward Solution goes beyond being a mere payment method between consumers and franchisees and continues to generate 'another CHICA value through CHICA consumption.' It can be said that the CHICA Token Economy is properly implemented and operational when both consumers and producers contribute to the CHICA ecosystem without distinction between 'consumers' and 'producers'. To delve into more specific details, to create a proper Token Economy, it is essential to effectively leverage the characteristics of blockchain that form the foundation of the CHICA Reward Solution.

a) Consumers receive rewards for utilizing services or purchasing products at MJ BOUTIQUE franchise stores in the form of CHICA Tokens.

b) As the CHICA platform grows, customers can expect the value of their CHICA Tokens to increase. In such cases, CHICA Reward Solution members or consumers typically have two options. The first is to purchase CHICA Tokens on the exchange, and the second is to acquire CHICA Tokens as rewards through continuous service usage and product purchases at CHICA's offline stores and online mall.

c) Franchisees can freely utilize CHICA Tokens when offering existing customer loyalty programs, new partnership promotions, and additional benefits. This expands the potential for growth, such as the extension of CHICA's direct-brand presence and securing additional partner stores.

Ultimately, within a mutually beneficial and cyclical structure where both consumers and franchisees can grow, CHICA establishes a CHICA Ecosystem that maximizes profits for both parties. Additionally, to enhance the quality of services for co-prosperity within CHICA's Token Economy, future plans include developing a CHICA Token Station, enabling free point conversion and usage between affiliated partners, creating partner-exclusive staking pools, integrating external SDKs, and launching the CHICA mainnet service. The goal is to provide comprehensive and advanced data solutions.

Token Allocation

  • Eco System: 40%

  • Token Sales: 25%

  • Reserve: 10%

  • Founder & Team: 10%

  • Marketing: 5%

  • Strategic Partners: 5%

  • Advisor: 5%

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