Chronic problem with offline membership. Absence of a beauty platform that satisfies practicality + accessibility.

<Underlying Issues in the Rapidly Growing Beauty Market and the Need for a Practical and Accessible Beauty Platform>

The booming beauty market, including the waxing industry, has various hidden issues, such as the absence of practical and accessible beauty platforms. Existing beauty platforms, such as cosmetic apps and online shopping malls, often prioritize exaggerated advertisements, product recommendations driven by advertising, inaccurate online diagnoses, product pushing, and complicated consumer refund systems, rather than providing trendy and practical information that consumers desire. For example, according to the "Consumer Alert" report published by the Korea Consumer Agency in 2022, there were frequent cases of long delays in refunds, inducing consumer payments through drastic discount rates and then disappearing, and related organizations issued temporary suspension orders and warned consumers. This diagnosis indicates that the current beauty platforms lack practical services that truly benefit consumers, as they primarily focus on advertisements and product sales. As a result, there is an increasing demand for beauty platforms that can provide substantial benefits and accessibility to gain consumer trust and accurately reflect beauty trends. CHICA has taken note of this industry environment, which has led to the birth of a new Reward Solution.

Furthermore, beauty service providers in hair, skincare, nail care, aesthetics, and other areas face persistent and structural problems that hinder consumer accessibility. Examining the process of using traditional beauty services, consumers first select desired products and usage frequencies, make full payment, choose a date within a specified period, and then visit the establishment to receive the service or purchase the product. However, even if the buyer receives a discount by making full prepayment for the service, there is an (unreasonable) problem of not being able to receive a refund for the remaining amount if they fail to visit the establishment within the designated period. The CHICA project aims to provide a blockchain-based smart beauty platform that is built on trust and offers a Smart Beauty System, which ensures a service usage process that consumers find reasonable and satisfactory.

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