CHICA Reward Solution

CHICA Reward Solution, based on the CHICA Smart Beauty platform, integrates blockchain wallets into not only existing offline stores but also online beauty shop pages, providing consumers with the ability to seamlessly book and make payments for CHICA franchise services. By incorporating a cryptocurrency-based reward solution, a more transparent and stable system can be provided, allowing for various reward partnership promotions for franchisees.

The underlying structure of the CHICA Smart Beauty platform, on which CHICA Reward Solution is built, consists of consumers who purchase or sell CHICA Tokens and franchisees who offer services and products using these tokens, as well as generate revenue through advertising and sales commissions.

The definitions and explanations of the components that form the CHICA platform structure are as follows.

  1. Exchange: An exchange is a marketplace where CHICA Tokens can be traded. Consumers can buy or sell these tokens on the exchange.

  2. Consumer: As users of the franchise, consumers utilize CHICA Tokens purchased from the exchange to make purchases, reservations, and payments for products or services at affiliated stores. The usage of CHICA Tokens by consumers may be subject to certain criteria, such as predefined usage limits or designated outlets.

  3. Franchisee: Franchisees are stores that have entered into franchise or partnership agreements with MJ BOUTIQUE. They can utilize CHICA Tokens for payment settlements and point rewards when selling products or providing services. Advertising and sales commissions generated by franchisees are paid in CHICA Tokens, creating a cyclical structure within the CHICA platform.

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