CHICA Reward Solution

CHICA operates the CHICA Reward Solution as a means to address the shortcomings of existing membership services in the aesthetic industry and integrate online and offline sales services with blockchain technology. Traditional beauty membership services typically involve packaging offline service products into phased programs and collecting upfront payments from consumers for the desired products. However, if consumers fail to use the purchased service products within the specified period, obtaining a refund becomes challenging due to the system's limitations.

However, through the CHICA Reward Solution, consumers can pay for the service products they use at CHICA stores with CHICA Tokens. They also have the opportunity to receive rewards in the form of CHICA Tokens based on their usage frequency and spending amount. Moreover, the system allows them to use the same method when visiting other partner companies or affiliates in the future. The CHICA Reward Solution utilizes data such as cumulative usage records from CHICA's own system as criteria for accessing its benefits. For instance, if a customer meets specific criteria or standards set by CHICA, they will be issued a CHICA Membership NFT and be able to accumulate CHICA tokens in a blockchain wallet integrated into the solution. Additionally, they can enjoy more benefits and rewards at the Membership-exclusive mall operated by MJ.

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