CHICA is a token that can be used in the beauty reward platform based on consumer behavior. It serves as a convenient payment method, as well as a means to receive discounts and rewards in the beauty and aesthetic market. Furthermore, CHICA Token offers a novel and innovative user experience for consumers across global partner networks.

a) CHICA Token Issuance Information

  • Token Name: CHICA

  • Token Ticker: CHICA

  • Token Platform: BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

  • Token Cap: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

b) Use of CHICA Token

<Consumer: A New Payment Method at Partnered Stores>

CHICA serves as a new payment method at partnered offline stores in various beauty-related sectors such as nail art, skincare, acupuncture, treatments, beauty services, waxing, and skincare. Consumers can use the corresponding token to receive discounts and make payments for products at these partnered stores. Additionally, CHICA token users may have the opportunity to earn reward points based on their usage, subject to meeting certain criteria set by the solution.

<Franchisee: Attracting New Customers to the CHICA Ecosystem>

When a customer expresses interest in using CHICA Tokens as a new payment method, Franchisee can have the customer sign up for the solution with their consent. Based on this, Franchisee can acquire and analyze customer information, including purchase history, preferred products, and repurchase patterns, in order to provide better services. This creates a virtuous cycle that increases loyalty among customers using the CHICA platform, leading to greater loyalty towards CHICA-affiliated stores and brands.

c) Development direction of CHICA Token

<Enhancing CHICA Utilization and Value Appreciation through Ongoing Partnerships>

In the beauty market, there is a continuous growth trend not only in offline stores but also online. According to a consumer behavior survey conducted by the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation in 2021, representing K-beauty in South Korea, a staggering 54% of respondents stated that they personally purchase cosmetics and engage in self-care at home. Moreover, the usage rate of beauty devices for home care reached as high as 14%. This indicates that nearly 70% of consumers, a significant portion of the respondents, have a strong interest in self-beauty management products and the market, separate from visiting offline stores.

To align with this self-care trend, we plan to establish ongoing partnerships to expand the self-care line, available for direct consumer purchase, not only in existing affiliated offline stores but also in CHICA-affiliated online malls, specifically in the waxing sector. This will enhance the utility of CHICA Tokens and enable more consumers to easily and conveniently purchase CHICA-affiliated products.

<Smart Reward Solution Pursued by CHICA Token>

CHICA's smart Reward System is a platform that utilizes CHICA Tokens as a medium, allowing behavior scores to be determined based on consumer actions such as token purchases and product payments. Based on predefined criteria, discounts and other benefits can be granted. Additionally, CHICA Tokens may also be rewarded as incentives based on promotions and other factors. Within this system, as consumers continue to use the services, their user data is recorded and accumulated, serving as a valuable and well-utilized resource for the membership system.

CHICA's smart Reward System differs from indiscriminate coupon or point-based rewards typically given to a large and undifferentiated audience. Instead, it aims to provide discounts and CHICA Token rewards exclusively to target consumers (actual users) who require CHICA's services.

Furthermore, within the CHICA Reward Solution, VIP customers are eligible for exclusive purchases of certain products. As an example, MJ BOUTIQUE holds the exclusive rights for the Asian sales of the renowned beauty brand SUGAR ME SMOOTH (SMS). Through the CHICA Reward Solution, consumers can enjoy differentiated benefits such as (i) a product lineup available only for purchase with CHICA Tokens, (ii) significant discounts when purchasing products with CHICA Tokens, and (iii) the ability to purchase special limited-service packages.

<Conducting 'Beauty Tours' as a Stepping Stone for Global Expansion>

To pave the way for global market expansion, CHICA plans to enter the Southeast Asian market, taking Indonesia as a foothold—one of the countries showing the highest growth rates in the beauty and fashion sectors. Recently, beauty industries worldwide have been exploring new markets under the guise of market diversification, reducing their reliance on China, the largest cosmetics export market. In fact, while South Korea's cosmetics exports to China declined by 22% in the first half of 2022, Korean beauty brands are capturing the attention of Southeast Asian consumers, particularly in Indonesia, where the awareness of K-Beauty is on the rise. They aggressively introduce products that have obtained one of the world's top three Halal certifications.

In line with this market situation, CHICA plans to develop and operate a global beauty tour program, expanding beauty consulting and franchise business while further expanding the utilization of CHICA Tokens. The CHICA Reward Solution aims to establish the GLOBAL CHICA system, which is not limited to a specific region but caters to beauty consumers in a global environment.

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