Rapid growth of the global waxing market

The size of the waxing market around the world is growing significantly every year. According to the 'Global Depilatory Wax Market Overview, Trend Analysis and Forecast Report' released by Research & Markets, a market research institute based in Dublin, Ireland, the global hair removal wax market continues to rise at an average annual rate of 7.9%, and in 2028, Experts predict that the market could reach $4.5 billion.

Prior to 2019, when Covid-19 started to spread in earnest, the number of search hits for keywords related to waxing and Brazilian on major search sites in Korea increased significantly from 90,000 in 2018 to over 440,000 in 2019.

Unlike the past, when the need for waxing was limited to women, the demand for waxing is explosively increasing due to the increase in men investing time and money in fashion and beauty. In line with this, the market value is steadily increasing. The market is growing naturally as consumers do self-management, such as not only visiting stores, but also using hair removal treatment services or purchasing hair removal products directly.

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