Goal of CHICA

The CHICA Project carries out the CHICA Smart Beauty platform service through the following three goals. This is in line with the contents of the ‘Development Direction of CHICA Token’ described above.

a) New Rewards Service

b) Expanding the Blockchain-based E-Commerce Market

c) Global Beauty Tour

CHICA aims to utilize CHICA Token as the optimal reward method for beauty and cosmetic stores, through its Smart Beauty Blockchain project, to provide both consumers and businesses with a smart beauty life experience (BEAUTYVERSE) based on the Global Blockchain environment. The specific details of each objective are as follows:

  1. The new reward service refers to the systematic establishment of a unique consumer reward system by assessing and systematizing the behavior scores of existing consumers, enabling CHICA to set specific criteria for obtaining CHICA rewards. Consumer data, such as agreed-upon service usage items, dates, and frequency, are organized, and based on this, CHICA rewards can be obtained. Subsequently, consumers can benefit from more rewards and beauty perks through CHICA rewards.

  2. CHICA aims to expand the utility of CHICA Token not only in offline stores but also in online stores. Our online shopping mall, MJ Mall, can be upgraded with a new form of CHICA Beauty Reward Solution that combines e-commerce and blockchain technology. It can be utilized for purchasing 'SUGAR ME SMOOTH' (SMS) products, which MJ BOUTIQUE holds exclusive selling rights for in Asia, as well as for utilizing Everyday Beauty Management services, including a self-beauty service unique to CHICA that includes features such as a self-hair removal cycle diary and skin management.

  3. CHICA plans to enter the beauty markets in the Americas and Southeast Asia, based on the high growth potential of Indonesia. Furthermore, we have a grand objective of enhancing project sustainability by directly operating the "Global Beauty Tour" where consumers can use CHICA, as well as conducting beauty consulting and franchise businesses to broaden our business expansion opportunities.

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